Marina / Dock Electrical

When it comes to effectively and efficiently providing electrical systems to a dock or marina, there are few key considerations to keep in mind — otherwise it can be incredibly dangerous and lead to a big disaster. Our technicians are properly trained to provide electrical services and install electrical systems for docks and marina. In fact, we are specially trained in the field of dock and marina electrical systems and services. This expertise allows us to know exactly what you need and the best ways to install any electrical system for your dock or marina. The reality is, we can help ensure your dock and marina are safe and secure when it comes to the electrical systems involved.

  • High-Quality Electrical Services

    Having weatherproof electrical equipment when it comes to your marina or dock becomes increasingly important. In fact, having fire safety pedestals, panelboards and substations, among others that all provide the right weatherproofing needs for your marina or dock. The reality is, you will want experienced and trusted technicians to ensure the installation process is as smooth and seamless as possible. Ultimately, there is nothing more essential than ensuring your dock and marina have all the requisite electrical materials and systems in place that are properly secure and weatherproofed.

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